Unveiling the association Seed of Hope for Africa (SeedHAf), a Youth organisation in Burkina Faso

Achille Sawadogo
4 min readAug 21, 2020

1. Introduction

Seed of Hope for Africa (SeedHAf) is a non-governmental youth organization created by young Burkinabè convinced that development practices cannot be effective without the participation of young people. SeedHAf has set itself the OBJECTIVE of “Improving the participation of young people in the process of sustainable development”. Its VISION is: “An Africa where young people are at the heart of development actions and where all social layers have access to the minimum of resources to live with dignity”. Its MISSION: “Support vulnerable populations and positively influence development, through strong, impactful actions based on a participatory approach”. In 2019, the organization had more than 300 young volunteers across the country, all committed to different themes, namely “Gender and Handicap”, “Environment and climate change”, “Citizenship and behavior change”, “Protection of ‘childhood’ and ‘Entrepreneurship and youth development’, PEACE AND SECURITY.

2. Background

In 2018, after the closure of the British Government’s International Citizens Service (ICS) program in Burkina Faso, a group of former program volunteers gathered to reflect on how to set up a similar mechanism that would have an impact as well. both young people and vulnerable populations. Thus, in September 2018, a meeting took place in Ouagadougou at the end of which the decision to create a formal organization called “Seed of Hope for Africa” ​​was adopted. The name “Seed of Hope for Africa” which means “Seed of Hope for Africa” would reflect African youth aware of the challenges facing the continent but also and above all youth who undertake initiatives to meet the development needs of communities. A constitutive general assembly followed which at the time brought together only 12 members who all immediately joined the initiative.

The original goal was to do everything to sustain the achievements of the ICS program by continuing to involve young people in initiatives aimed at the development of the most disadvantaged communities.

After several successful activities for the benefit of homeless children, orphan children, women victims of obstetric fistulas, women in difficult economic situations, young students looking for jobs and people with disabilities , the association obtained its receipt in 2019, the year in which it will receive the GUIMBI award for the best initiative in favor of women from the representatives of the national women’s leadership program in Burkina Faso. Since then, more than 350 volunteers have joined the organization and are spread across the country and more than 3,500 Burkinabè who closely follow the activities of the organization.

The year 2020 was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which weakened economies around the world and particularly those of African countries.

Observing the rapid expansion of the virus and its consequences across the world, “Seed of Hope for Africa” had already engaged in raising awareness of barrier gestures even before the health emergency was declared in the country. . Since the announcement of the first case in Ouagadougou, the organization has continued to increase awareness and distribution of protective equipment to the most vulnerable segments of the city of Ouagadougou and its surroundings, especially for the benefit of young people. destitute, street children, women in difficulty, disabled people and internally displaced people.

The values: Transparency-Accountability-Fairness-Respect-Integrity

3. Specific objectives

· Encourage young people to get BETTER INVOLVED in the life of their community;

· Encourage the authorities to value the youth by involving them in decision-making concerning their communities;

· Support government action in favor of economic and social well-being;

· Strengthen young people through awareness sessions, training or conferences;

· Facilitate interaction between youth organizations and other partners to facilitate active participation of young people in the process of socio-economic development and the elaboration of public policies;

· Build the capacities of community development organizations, youth organizations, women organizations and all other organizations of vulnerable people;

· Improve knowledge and understanding of respect for the environment and the management of natural resources through information sharing, awareness-raising and other innovative actions;

· Strengthen the leadership and social commitment of young people so that they are key players in sustainable development in their communities;

· Contribute to the fight against illegal immigration of young people through awareness raising, training and entrepreneurship;

· Facilitate the establishment of a culture of peace and democracy, non-violence and justice

· Strengthen the organizational capacities of association members and young volunteers involved in the activities in order to facilitate their socio-professional integration.

4. Links to SDGs

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Achille Sawadogo

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