Summer holidays in Burkina : how do Burkinabe pupils spend it?

Achille Sawadogo
2 min readMay 31, 2019
holidays activity: supporting a cellar to sell

Summer holidays start on June for many students. For some time now, many classrooms are closed. Only those who must take school exams still go to school. For others, the return from summer holidays will take place early October in 4 months. But what to do not to get bored during all this rest?

Going for a trip, outings, watching TV, playing video games and football; the plan is already clearly set for the little Roman. To him, holidays are for rest. By the way, this year no need for a coach as he is moving up to the next class. His parents are proud of him. He will be able to have fun at will. “I am travelling to Koupela a city lying east of Ouagadougou (137 Km) known for its pottery and sculptures. I have a lot of friends there. Last year I didn’t leave, but this year we will have fun” he enthuses.

Roman is very lucky not having to work during holidays. Ninive, 20 years old doesn’t really have the choice. He will have to support his neighbor, a cellar owner to pack beers. “I am moving up to final year of high school. On the return from holidays, I will need to buy books to pass my school exam next year. The little money that I earn will allow me to buy more stuff when my dad won’t be able to. I will also get some allowance for self” he explains.

For this year again, Alizeta 19 young girl and a year 12 pupil in literature plans to sell fried dough, her favorite job. Last year, she nonchalantly made a very good turnover. She hopes to do the at least the same this year. “Last year my business grew well. Sometimes, I wasn’t even able to satisfy all the clients. If this is the same this year, I will be able to buy myself a new bicycle”.

Fatim is a 17 young girl. She is convinced that she will spend the holidays in a smart way. She plans to attend a month and half IT training to stand out of what she called the ‘21st century illiterates”. “Nowadays, I.T has become indispensable. If I don’t learn it now, I may need to do it sooner or later. I think that’s a smart way to spend holidays. At least, I may have done something useful. This is better than roaming without any plan in mind.

What’s the best way to spend holidays? The answer of Paul, a primary school teacher, is clear: “Prepare for next class by exercising and attending coaching sessions. In fact, the national education policy is not against coaching classes during holidays as long as this respects children rights and human rights at large.



Achille Sawadogo

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