Monthly update_ ETH Grants_Project YCIF_AYID_BF June 2020

Achille Sawadogo
4 min readJul 2, 2020


Sessions about the YCIF project with the Managing team of AYID, June 2020

During June 2020, the association « African Youth Initiative for Development (AYID) » conducted the preliminary meetings to launch the ‘Youth Community Initiative Fund (YCIF).

As a reminder, the AYID association was granted at least 15,000 USD (8.700.000 fcfa) by “Aid & Save” with the support of “Ethereum grants”, to implement the project ‘Youth Community Initiative Fund’ which aims to identify and support talents within youth of different background in Burkina Faso.

The recent meetings between Aid & Save and AYID allowed us to agree on budgets (around 3,000 USD) and first activities, the timeline for July and August as well as the operating modalities (managing team, practical modalities, etc.)

Monthly update_ ETH Grants_Project FJIC_AYID_BF June 2020

The project preparation work started in June. Indeed, to ensure the achievement of the project’s objectives, this month was devoted to the setting up of the key team that will lead the project within the association.

With eight (08) departments, the association African Youth Initiative for Development (AYID) has therefore proceeded to identify the department that will carry the project and the selection of project leaders. It is after working sessions between the Administrative Board of the association and the Executive Director that the execution of the project was entrusted to the department in charge of the promotion of volunteerism and social entrepreneurship. As its name indicates, the main objective of this department is to encourage and promote new social and entrepreneurial initiatives by young people for the benefit of their communities, which partly justifies the choice of this department.

The project team consists of a total of five (05) positions. Two (02) positions will be permanent and the other three (03) will be rotational with a cycle of three (03) months per wave. The interest of such a configuration is that it allows the other members of AYID to bring their contribution to the monitoring and implementation of the project as “project assistants” for a duration of three (03) months and this throughout the duration of the project. At the same time, AYID provides continuous training to its members. The job titles are as following:

1) A programs coordinator (permanent)

2) A head of project (permanent)

3) Three (03) project assistants

Ms. Sergine Kabore, Programs coordinator

Last name: KABORE

First name: N. Carmelle Marie Sergine

Studies: BSc in Economics, Master in Gender population and Development

Position: Programs coordinator

Fields of competence:

  • CEO of AYID since 2018,
  • Alumnus of the ICS program
  • Alumnus of YALI Accra program,
  • Former intern and Alumni of the “Next generation internship program” with the NGO West African Civil Society Institute (Accra, Ghana)
Mr. Kader YONI, Head of project

Last name: YONI

First name: Kader

Studies: Master in Sociology

Position: Head of project

Fields of competence:

  • Director of Volunteering and social entrepreneurship department in AYID since 2018
  • Project manager of Association pour le Développement de l’Est (ADE) since 2016
  • Specialist in Child care and protection at AMPO since 2015
Mr. Salfo KOURAOGO, Project assistant

Last name: KOURAOGO

First name: Salfo

Studies: Bachelor in History and archeology

Position: Project assistant

Fields of competence:

  • Member of the Volunteering and Social Entrepreneurship Department at AYID since 2018
  • In charge of Logistics and Organization of TOES (The Orphans Empowerment Society) from 2018 to 2019
  • Alumni of the ICS (International Citizen Service) program
  • Beneficiary of the Education USA Bootcamp of the US Embassy in Burkina Faso
  • Burkina Faso Red Cross Volunteer since 2018
  • Volunteer and community volunteer since 2017
Mr. Bassalia OUATTARA, Project assistant

Last name: OUATTARA

First name: Stéphane Bassalia

Studies: Bachelor in Communication and journalism

Position: Project assistant

Fields of competence:

  • Member of the Volunteerism and Social Entrepreneurship Department at AYID
  • Co-host of a sports page on Facebook; Onze11duFaso (since March 2018)
  • Budding journalist at Fasosports (since February 2020)
  • 2019 to present: Campus Radio host
  • Since 2019, Deputy Treasurer of Unit 1 Ouaga I of the Centre for Democratic Governance (CGD)
  • Currently in charge of sport at the IPERMIC Communication and Journalism Student Club.
Ms. SEDGO Roukiatou, Project Assistant

Last name: SEDGO

First name: Roukiatou

Studies: Bachelor in Communication and journalism

Position: Project assistant

Fields of competence:

  • Member of the Volunteerism and Social Entrepreneurship Department at AYID
  • National volunteer,
  • Project and Planning Officer of the association voix des jeunes du Sahel ;
  • Beneficiary of Yali Dakar,
  • Beneficiary of the project “Activating Women’s Potential” of the University of Montreal with the Peace Operations Research Network (POR)

This project team thus constituted will have the heavy task of ensuring the watch during the next three (03) months. Its first mission being that of working to lay the foundations by making visible the Fund “YCIF”, the launch of applications for all Burkinabe youth and the selection of candidates.



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