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Achille Sawadogo
2 min readAug 7, 2020


Debrief meeting between AYID and Aid & Save July 2020

Throughout the month of July 2020, the Association “African Youth Initiative for Development (AYID)” launched the “Youth Community Innovation Fund” project and held a series of meetings to ensure a successful implementation. The first two weeks of the month were devoted to the preparatory phase for the official launch of the call for applications. Thus, between July 1 and 13, three (03) meetings took place. These meetings all revolved around the following points:

- Drafting of the call for applications documents

- The design of communication tools (leaflets, posters, audio and video spots)

- The definition of communication strategies for the project.

The preparatory phase was accompanied by a pre-communication phase on the project. The pre-communication phase consisted in designing a poster that was published on social media platform to inform youth about the opening of applications for the coming days. The calls for applications were officially launched on Thursday 14 July at 7.00 pm, on AYID social media platform (facebook, twitter, whatsapp, website).

In addition to that, the project team held a meeting with two organisations: « tiers lieu Mahna » and the national youth council. The main objective of these meetings was to discuss the possibilities of a participatory work during the advertisement across the country.

The month of July ended with a meeting between the head of Aid & Save and the team AYID management team project to check in on progress and action plan for August 2020.

Report by the AYID team, YCIF project partner organisation.



Achille Sawadogo

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