Interview with a great man, Yacouba Sawadogo the ‘man who wanted to stop the desert’

From right to left: Achille, Yacouba, community members


Biography of Yacouba SAWADOGO

Photo credit: Afrique connection

The Zaï technique explained!

Credit photo: afrik21

The dream of Yacouba…

Handmade river by Yacouba, photo by Achille
Sign for medicinal plants
View of some reforested plants
Some plant medicines for sale, made by Yacouba
Shoots of cereals protected with the Zaï technique


Gallery of pictures

Piece of the soil before Yacouba starts reforesting, left as a testimony
A big hole filled with droppings and other organic debris to be put later in smaller holes for new shoots
Grains of millet thrown on a reserved area for birds
Drinking trough dug on the rock for jackrabbits
Handmade well to water plants
Wire fence to limit and protect the site, village of Gourga



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Achille Sawadogo

Mandela Washington Fellow, for Young African Leaders — Civic engagement — Development Cooperation, Economist, Project Management skills, Free learner