Entrepreneurship and vocational training in Burkina Faso: Aid & Save supports 20 young students to create their companies

Achille Sawadogo
2 min readJul 13, 2020
Students receiving the 700 USD check from the CEO of Aid & Save (far right)

On June 19, 2020, the CEO of Aid & Save Achille Sawadogo, visited the Centre of vocational training in construction (CFPC Nabrabogo).

This vocational school is in Bousse which is a town of the Province of Kourweogo, Plateau-Central region at around 50 Km in the North of the capital city Ouagadougou.

Managed by Victorien Karfo, a former Mandela Washington Fellow in 2019, this school trains young people from helpless families or with educational challenges, in the construction trades namely woodwork, welding, masonry. After two (02) years of training, these students can take the exam of certificate of professional qualification (CQP) in the same way as regular students at the national level.

View of some buildings of the Centre

But the end of this school phase, these young people must now face the difficulties of the job market for their socio-professional integration. Those who choose the entrepreneurial path must contend with the enormous costs of setting up and equipping their young businesses.

In view of this difficulty, Aid & Save wished to support 20 students at the end of their vocational training, including a training in entrepreneurship that they received, by granting them a check for 370,000 Fcfa (approximately 700 US dollars), for the payment of the costs of creation of their companies. These funds were provided by Ethereum grants funding managed by Colmena Labs and Aid & Save.

Very moved, the beneficiaries expressed their great gratitude to Aid & Save. The Center Administrator (CFPC) also took the opportunity to give a motivational talk to young people for the success of their professional career.

The Manager of the CFPC talking to students



Achille Sawadogo

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