Digital transformation in Burkina Faso: the case of ‘LucAS health Clinic’

Formal logo of the LucAS health Clinic

PART I: Conceptual: the project on paper

1.1. Introduction

1.2. The project summary

1.3. The project rationale

1.3.1. The project strategic context

1.3.2. Demonstrating experience / specialist knowledge

1.3.3. The project risks/assumptions

1.4. The project outcomes

During the prayer with the priest
The religious blessing of premises
People visiting the premises
People measuring their weight and height to know their body mass index
Other people measuring their blood pressure
Maurice explaining the role of the dry heat sterilizer to visitors
Maurice explaining the role of the examination lamp to visitors
Maurice showing the consultation room to visitors
Maurice showing patients beds in the observation room
Achille, project promoter. Economist and Mid junior professional of International Development Cooperation. Crypto user.
Sophie, the coordinator of LucAS Centre. She is a retired anesthetist with 38 years of work experience as a nurse. She started worked at the Hounde centre with chirurgical unit between 1995 and 2016.
Maurice, the youngest of the staff. Native of Hounde, he is very dynamic and engaged, he just graduated from the national nurse school and currently volunteering at LucAS waiting to be appointed by the health Ministry.
Neya, the security guard. A hardworker always available to serve and to do any task. Neya wanted to work at the mining company but he finally decided to serve at the LucAS Centre.

Mandela Washington Fellow, for Young African Leaders — Civic engagement — Development Cooperation, Economist, Project Management skills, Free learner