Blockchain Meetup in Ouagadougou

Achille Sawadogo
2 min readFeb 26, 2020


Flyer of the meetup

On Saturday February 22, 2020 at the high School ‘Sup Management’, I co-hosted a Student training session on understanding Blockchain. These students came from various high schools across the capital city of Ouagadougou, mainly the university Aube Nouvelle and “Sup Management” high school. They had different background, but most of them are studying I.T.

This three-hour training, which was free to attend, was initiated by Achille Sawadogo and one of his connection who came from Switzerland. We were motivated by our desire to share our knowledge on Blockchain and cryptocurrency in an increasingly digital world. Posted on Meetup and relayed locally between students, the activity was attended by more than a dozen participants. For a first time, we were satisfied as participants asked a lot of questions.

Participants during the training

The following is a summary of the training content.

Part I: crypto vocabulary, theoretical definition and explanation (Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Transactions (Tx), Mining, HASH (TxHash), Node, Token, Smart Contract, Ethereum Virtual Machine, Hash function, Gas)

Part II: review of some projects in Burkina Faso funded with cryptocurrency through the enterprise Colmena Labs

Part III: online application: wallet creation on Metamask

- setting up Metamask, wallet creation and security

- crypto deposit on Ropsten

- unlocking a wallet through and Metamask extension

As students showed some interest for such initiatives, we are thinking about collaborating with schools to include this training module into their study programs.



Achille Sawadogo

Mandela Washington Fellow, for Young African Leaders — Civic engagement — Development Cooperation, Economist, Project Management skills, Free learner